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Ban of JiinxisJinxed

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Ban of JiinxisJinxed  Empty Ban of JiinxisJinxed

Post by 2iguys 9/22/2019, 5:45 pm

Name of banned player: JiinxisJinxed (Alt of Blaineee)

Time/date banned: 2:40PM PST Sept 22nd 2019

Length of ban: Perm Ban, with NO APPEAL

Reason banned: this account belongs to Blaineee, and is his alt, he has used it before on the server and was caught joining on it after he had been Permanently banned previously on his own main account. he named the account so that it seemed like another player on the server.  Please NEVER Join again, you have already been warned. 

Ban Evasion is not a joke. Find a new server to play on.

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