eya04's Ban appeal

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eya04's Ban appeal Empty eya04's Ban appeal

Post by eya04 on 9/13/2019, 3:44 pm

Minecraft username: eya04

Mod/Admin who banned you: I don't know who banned me, it's been about 6 years since. 

Reason you were banned: They thought I was stealing a player's items. 

Reason you believe you should be unbanned: 
I was pretty young and had set up camp in someone's house and just made cookies all day. Though the admin thought I had been stealing at the time, I think, and when they asked me about it I just kinda logged off immediately in panic. Which looks like I was pretty guilty. 
I won't be settling in anyone's house anytime soon, that's for sure. It's also been six years since I was banned. 

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eya04's Ban appeal Empty Re: eya04's Ban appeal

Post by madscientist032 on 9/13/2019, 8:06 pm

Hi eya04.

It looks like when we switched banning plugins back in 2016 that your ban never transitioned across. This means I have no clue who banned you or if your claim is true/false.

However, it does put me in a position to approve or deny your request, so without further ado:

Appeal approved, welcome back :)

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