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Temp Ban of Blaineee

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Temp Ban of Blaineee Empty Temp Ban of Blaineee

Post by 2iguys 9/8/2019, 2:46 pm

Name of banned player: Blaineee

Time/date banned: 11:45 am PST

Length of ban: Temp Ban 7 days and loss of donator perks temporarily until trusted.

Reason banned: Griefing a village with massive amounts of lava and water, in a way that can cause massive damage and is against our rules.

more information:
ok, to smooth this out a bit since there's been a kerfuffle over-all this lemme explain.

1. Blaine had been warned not to make builds in this manner, anything that could be seen as abusive or griefing is included in that.
2. multiple staff members had talked to him previously about his behaviour on the server, which has resulted in his previous bans.
3. I have reduced the ban from a month to a week as I feel now that the punishment is more fitting of a perm reduction than a ban.
however the ban for a week remains as he had caused trouble and abused staff on discord earlier last week (with 2 staff members being disrespected, one of which was an admin) and told to behave and listen to them at that time. 

4. this is not the first time he's done this type of thing, and he has been personally talked to multiple times to avoid doing this again. 
5. I have talked with him and apologized for my unprofessional ban message and the way I handled it and provided a reduction in punishment to help justify that problem.

I have come to the conclusion that the new punishment is 1-week ban, followed by a reduction of perms to 50$ donator, and the ability to receive the other perms back as he gains back trust with the staff

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Temp Ban of Blaineee Empty TL;DR Ban is now Perm not Temp

Post by madscientist032 9/13/2019, 8:16 pm

Hi Blaine, just wanted to mention a few things here about your history on this server.

This year alone (2019) you have been banned 4 (four) times, including this very ban thread. This ban is not your first offense, as you have been punished before several times prior to today.  

For your convenience and also to make my point clearer, I have provided the URLs as well as a brief description for each ban thread below:

January 5th 2019 - 3-day temp ban by Gorecore666 for disrespecting and messing with players, as well as not listening to staff members.  

March 5th 2019 - 1-hour temp ban by Indoorpool for disrespecting players and staff.

March 14th 2019 – Permanent ban by Indoorpool for Redstone clocks (your appeal was posted June 26th 2019 and accepted the same day.)

September 8th 2019 - Ban by 2iguys for major griefing (and -implicitly- abuse of donor perks.)

Allow me to elaborate on the reason as to why you were banned on September 9th: Major Griefing.

As 2iguys explained to you earlier (both on the forums and through Discord) you had been warned multiple times PRIOR to this ban, to NOT make builds in this manner. As an Oasian, the staff, myself, and the community, hold that rank to a very high regard. This means that certain behaviors and actions are unacceptable as they degrade the value of the rank for both current and former holders.  

The point here is that someone of your status as a long-time player, Oasian, and Donor, should not be abusing their perks to create "builds" like this:


This is inexcusable, especially since you had been warned about this behavior in the past by several different staff members.

While one can claim that anyone with access to /kit lavakit can build in this manner, the usage of lava and water is understood by those users as a privilege. They also recognize it is not to be used as a means to maliciously harm the server or other players' experience on Oasis MC. This lines up exactly with the official Oasis MC rules:

a. Griefing defined
Griefing is causing another player to have a poor playing experience.

b. Usage of lava and flint & steel
Trusted players and above are allowed to spawn and place lava. You may spawn and place lava blocks for someone other than yourself. You cannot give away the blocks and if you are helping, the person must have a legitimate reason for their placement (i.e. trash-can or cobble machine).  

c. Lag Generating Structures
Builds which generate excessive amounts of lag as determined by staff are strictly prohibited.

Allow me to explain a bit more in detail about how your lava staircase (and subsequently water staircase) is classified as griefing.  

The usage of lava is well understood to be a privilege by Trusted and above, which comes with the understanding that its use will be limited to ‘legitimate reasons’. These are outlined above in section ‘b. Usage of lava and flint & steel’, because of the negative implications that can happen if they are misused. The spirit and intent of the above rule was broken, as no evidence of ‘legitimate use case’ was ever found by Staff.

The placement of lava and water can and will cause block updates. When it comes to cobblestone generation (the act of lava and water touching in-game) this can trigger massive amounts of server lag if done on a large scale. This was the case on Sunday September 7th when you were originally banned by 2iguys.

In addition, the rapid generation of cobble on such a massive scale would have caused client-side FPS lag for anyone who was within rendering distance of this area and as a matter of fact, there were several people around. This by definition invokes ‘a. Griefing defined’ because causing unnecessary client-side or server-side lag will cause players to have a poor playing experience; this was reported to have occurred by various players during that time.

As an Oasian, especially one who was punished earlier this year for creating a lag-generating structure, you knew Oasis had rules regarding ‘c. Lag Generating Structures’ and the harm that can come if one was created. Even with this knowledge, you proceeded to build this massive lava-water staircase, thereby violating the rules outlined above. You were banned for that offense, and in addition, your Donor perks were removed due to the nature of the offense.

It was at this point that your attitude and behavior towards 2iguys became problematic and disrespectful, which leads me to my next point – staff disrespect.  

Let me expand upon your attitude and disrespect while 2iguys was trying to work with you.        

After the ban had taken place on Sunday, you came to 2iguys questioning the reason behind the ban. You were told a myriad number of times why you were banned, at which point 2iguys edited the ban thread for additional clarification. It was at this point in the day 2iguys reduced your ban from a permanent ban to a 1 (one) week temporary ban. He also allowed you to retain some of your donation perks, going from $200 down to $50 instead of completely losing your donor perks. The reduction in punishment and donor changes was directly related to the unprofessional manner in which 2iguys originally handled your ban. I say this with confidence because I had directly talked to 2iguys after strongly reprimanding him, and recommended a less severe punishment to make amends for his conduct.

I was made aware that ever since the ban reduction was made public on Sunday (and when you were made aware of this change), you have been pestering my team constantly, especially 2iguys. As soon as you found out about the removal of your donation perk, you began to berate 2iguys, claiming the ban was "unfair" and that we are "thieves" (in regards to the donor situation). Your actions towards 2iguys, by definition, classifies as “harassment towards staff”.

But wait! There’s more.  

During this harassment, 2iguys subsequently informed you multiple times that you could receive your ranks and donor perks AFTER you had proved yourself worthy of our trust after the ban had lifted. You were made aware of this whole agreement. Nevertheless you chose to persist and aggravate my staff, by bartering for a lesser punishment and a swifter return of your ranks.  

When 2iguys attempted to compromise with you in good faith, given what transpired earlier with the original ban, you ignored him, and continued the harassment. You called my staff "thieves", accused them of "abusing their rank" and berated them for “not knowing how to do their job proper”. In reality, we were doing our jobs as it is mentioned in the Oasis Rules:

Just because you have donated does not mean you have the ability to break rules without penalty. If you are found breaking a rule you will be punished to the same extent as any other regularly playing member. Abuse of privileges may lead to loss of those permissions depending on the circumstance. The owners do not issue refunds to donators who get banned from Oasis MC or lose their donor permissions due to abuse.

In case it wasn't clear, the excerpt above from our Rules means this - the staff (including myself) reserve the right to revoke ANYONE'S donor perks regardless of how much they spent. Not to mention - donors who get banned have a chance of losing their perks, depending on the severity of the situation. I will remind you for the FINAL time - donors do not get preferential treatment when it comes to bans. They have NEVER had preferential treatment since the rule was set in place back in 2010.

With that being said, I will now deliver our decision regarding your ban and your time here on Oasis.

Due to your persistent mis-behavior, the extreme level of griefing, the clear abuse of your Donor perks, as well as the sustained amount of disrespect to my staff this ban will be overturned and reverted back to its ORIGINAL length and status - aka a PERMANENT BAN from both the MC network INCLUDING Discord.

This ban is NOT arguable, it is NOT appealable, and we WILL NOT BUDGE from our position.

This decision was not made lightly given the severity of this situation.

As an aside - I am really, truly disappointed in you and your actions. I thought you had matured so much since your previous ban (the redstone clock ban) as you had kept your nose clean for several months. I never expected you to display this amount of misbehavior nor disrespect to me and my team, not ever. I am sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused you, but you did this to yourself and we had given you multiple chances on Sunday/Monday to redeem yourself time and time again.

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