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Diamondpic's staff app Empty Diamondpic's staff app

Post by diamondpic 7/21/2019, 3:00 pm

Username: diamondpic

play length: From 2017 September 3rd

how often will I be online?: more then I am especially with the 1.14 update around the corner
so at least once every 1-2 days

No one yet but that is why I am making this post

why do I deserve to be part of the oasis staff team?
I am a somewhat active person on the server and will be even more active after the update. I have been told by others I have fair judgement+punishment skills as well as that I have been told that I was quite a nice guy not the reddit kind.

I hope you consider my staff application and I look forward to seeing you all as the newest staff member.

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Diamondpic's staff app Empty Re: Diamondpic's staff app

Post by Gorecore666 7/21/2019, 4:11 pm

Ok, i am not trying to be mean here BUT this application needs work. 

1. You need to ACTUALLY be ACTIVE before making a staff app. Like active for 4 or more months, popping in to see what is going on is NOT being active. 

2. You ACTUALLY NEED vouches.

3. you really need to make this app better. MORE DETAIL to the questions. it looks VERY half assed.

4. DO better lol.

5. look at other staff applications for good examples.

If you work on these things then  you MIGHT be considered , but until then its a no from me.
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