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What happened to Oasis?

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What happened to Oasis? Empty What happened to Oasis?

Post by Vap_orWaveAleex on 7/13/2019, 6:08 am

It seems like Oasis died out, or is it just me?

There aren't many players playing, even compared to February when I first joined,
The Server is practically empty a lot of the time,
It appears that many of the "main players" have quit, too.

Did something happen to the server, or is it just that people are waiting for the 1.14 server to open before returning to Oasis?


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What happened to Oasis? Empty Re: What happened to Oasis?

Post by madscientist032 on 7/13/2019, 1:52 pm

Everyone's waiting on the 1.14.x update to go live.

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