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Post by ChilledHorizon 6/6/2019, 4:44 pm

Username: ChilledHorizon

Where: Found it on

I've only been on for maybe an hour but I love it so far. I love how you guys make them work for what they want instead of just giving them the most op items on the game for money or something.

How often: I play Minecraft about every night when I get back home from wherever I was and check up on the server to see who's on or what I could do to improve my builds.

Voted: Yeah I have voted for the server on all the linked websites.

I do agree to not give out spawned items from any kits. I need to use all the resources and tools I can get.

I talked with some people on the server and Caillist said that they would vouch for me.

I would like to become a member of the community because I like getting to know different types of people and being able to see what they bring to the server and how they like to play. I want to watch the server develop over time and see what things get added or taken away to help the players and the server. After awhile I would like to apply for the next rank up but i'll give that a little while before I do.
I think that you can trust me because just like the players on the server, I like working for my resources and tools so I can build a good base and gain experience about the server. I wouldn't want somebody coming in my base/house and destroying it or taking my stuff so I wouldn't do it to them sine they've worked just as hard to get the things they wanted.
I've been playing Minecraft for about 9 years of my life so I want to keep playing with this server over time and seeing it thrive as well as the different players that are on or that may come on in the near future.

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Post by Dorken 6/6/2019, 4:49 pm

Vouch :D
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