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Ban App Leon (proember)

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Ban App Leon (proember) Empty Ban App Leon (proember)

Post by proember on 5/4/2019, 7:47 pm

Mod/Admin who banned you : gorecore666
Reason you were banned : "griefing dont blow up peoples shit up"
Reason you believe you should be unbanned : okey so to explain the context of why i placed TNT and set it off on Pax's grass was because me and Vic were joking around with Pax and we had previously found 2 TNT blocks out of a hidden treasure and we decided to joke around with the TNT in are hands like we were gonna blow him up as a joke, we had an idea that we could place the TNT and put water in it so it would do no damage as i did this i lit the TNT and the server lagged the water i placed disappeared and it blew up the TNT only blew up a couple peaces of dirt, we fixed it as soon as it happened i told gore that i did this and at first he sounded like he was joking around saying he was going to perm ban us, so we weren't sure weather he was actually going to ban us,for some reason Pax left as soon as this happened and we did not have a chance to talk to him and tell him that because of the lag the TNT had blew up. Im really sorry for this and if i could go back i would of not even of placed the TNT in the first place, I play Oasis snapshot server 10+ hours a day and im always in the VC im currently just about to have a bank holiday on Monday so was planning to play for the whole week end and for the whole of the Monday i also had some plans with Vic and some other players to kill the Ender Dragon with them today but sadly we cant, i really hope i get un-banned because its my literal favourite server,.

-Leon (proember)

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Ban App Leon (proember) Empty Re: Ban App Leon (proember)

Post by Agwyn on 5/5/2019, 7:46 pm

As per our discussion - this appeal has been denied. You will serve out the remainder of your seven day ban.

Ban App Leon (proember) Agwyn_12
Ban App Leon (proember) Screen11
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