Regarding the 1.14 update!!!!

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Regarding the 1.14 update!!!! Empty Regarding the 1.14 update!!!!

Post by madscientist032 4/27/2019, 2:31 pm

Regarding the 1.14 update!!!! 5bee0a12f5

Hi everyone!!

It's that time of the year again - the time where we the Staff of Oasis come to you the Community and inform everyone about our plans for the next big update!!

As you may or may not have heard/read from my previous announcements in Discord, we are currently running a 1.14 VANILLA server (located at and our 1.13.2 server is accepting 1.14 client connections.

What many of you (in fact, ALL of you) have NOT heard is what our plans for the update actually are. I am here to officially announce that for 1.14 we will NOT be resetting our map, and instead will be ADDING a 1.14 map alongside our 1.13.2 map!! This will be the second time in Oasis History (at least from what I remember) that this choice has been made. (First time was in 1.5 to 1.6)

Two maps?? Are you guys serious? Yes, we are DEAD serious. Let me explain.
It has been made quite clear from both staff and players alike that the 1.13 map is still "too new" to qualify for a full map reset. In addition, there are MANY large-scale building projects going-on and it would be LARGELY unfair for us to just force all these builds to restart again from scratch. And finally - in order for everyone to enjoy the new 1.14-specific naturally-generated blocks (including the new villages) we'd need a new map anyways, so that is why we have decided to have a dual-map setup!

Okay okay madsci that's cool. We're getting two maps. But what about everything else? What about my rank, my money, heck what about our warps and /homes?? How about server performance??

Not to worry - all of that is staying exactly the same. Once we update and include the 1.14 map you'll still be able to /warp and /home to your old points in 1.13 without any issues!!! We've done this exact operation before in the past a number of times and our hardware is most certainly up to the task!!

OKay okay that's pretty awesome!! Dual maps, I get to keep my money and ranks, and the server is not going to be super laggy. Wow!

Now I KNOW what's going through everyone's mind.

Regarding the 1.14 update!!!! Aaa76bf72f

Right now - the answer is flat-out "Soon(TM)"

All jokes aside here's why we're not sure when the update will actually happen.

Just like all previous updates, there is a chain of events that need to occur PRIOR to us being able to actually put out a new server update. See below:

1 - Minecraft updates to new version (which they did on April 23rd).

2 - Initial builds go out to Bukkit/Spigot/PaperMC Jenkins for testing and development. These builds are required for our server to function as we have multiple plugins on our back-end to help keep the server experience lag-free and enjoyable.

3 - Plugin developers begin testing against the new 1.14 builds, and push out updates accordingly. (this takes the longest because there are some plugins such as EssentialsX that are HUGE and could require a re-write. Dev builds are often stable enough to work with but very risky as they have not been certified for daily production use.

4 - Once the plugins are updated, this is where the staff and I begin our part in developing the 1.14 test server/map/world. Spawn is pasted and built/expanded. Portals (if any) are created and setup. This can be the second longest part as there are MANY bugs to squash before turning it over and opening to the public.

Right now we are in phase 2 - I have seen (and tested) a development 1.14 build for Spigot and it is running with minor issues. It's stable right now but we are waiting on plugins to update before we move forward. So right now I do not have a guaranteed timeframe.

However as it stands we SHOULD be updated within a month or two.

I will be making weekly status updates to the community via Discord and the Forums regarding the progress of this update every Saturday. The ETA _WILL_ change but we aim to get us updated as soon as possible. I do not expect us to take multiple months to update like we have in the past (especially with 1.13).

That's all I have for today regarding the 1.14 update. If there are any questions ABOUT the 1.14 update and our progress please feel free to leave a comment/question on this post or ask in Discord.

Thanks everyone for reading!!


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Regarding the 1.14 update!!!! Empty Re: Regarding the 1.14 update!!!!

Post by John_Crichton 4/30/2019, 3:13 pm

I recall the last side by side...
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