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Project: Blue Warp! Empty Project: Blue Warp!

Post by Vap_orWaveAleex on 4/14/2019, 9:34 am

Minecraft username: Vap_orWaveAleex

Proposed name of warp: blue

Coordinates of warp with no commas or other characters (E.g. "-1248 68 345"):  1660.362, 68.00000, -2061.909

Why do you deserve a warp?: I believe that I deserve a warp as this project will be HUGE! I would love players to be able to see how it progresses and easily help out when help is needed.
If your warp will be for a town, how developed is the skeleton of the town? Is it ready to be inhabited?: I have recently restarted the project, previously called the
"Empire", so it is not very far developed. However, I have a ruleboard set and am working my best to add more the fastest speed possible.

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Project: Blue Warp! Empty Re: Project: Blue Warp!

Post by kaldog06 on 4/14/2019, 1:51 pm


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Project: Blue Warp! Empty Re: Project: Blue Warp!

Post by Agwyn on 4/22/2019, 12:36 pm


So I took a look around your proposed warp of blue and there is a lot of work that still needs doing in order for it to qualify for a warp. You have a semi-finished structure that houses your rule board, a few concept walls and some custom trees - these are fine starts to a town!

Nevertheless, in an acceptable warp application we are looking for things like a cleared or generally defined area for players in or of your town to build in. Infrastructure for players/visitors like roads and lighting to keep mobs away, maybe some farms or shops for players or town member to use and more clearly defined and completed structures to illustrate your vision or concept of what you want your town to be.

In summary, we do not give warps to players to have them 'more easily access help' in building your town, but assign them based on the currently completed structure (skeleton) of the town and what it offers to the server (player base) in its present state.

Project: Blue Warp! Agwyn_12
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