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24hr Temp Ban of God_Steve_

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24hr Temp Ban of God_Steve_ Empty 24hr Temp Ban of God_Steve_

Post by 2iguys 3/7/2019, 6:24 pm

Name of banned player: God_Steve_

Time/date banned: Now

Length of ban: 24Hrs

Reason banned: took items from players chests and small grief, however later read the rules and proceeded to ask the staff if "taking from chests found in the middle of nowhere is allowed" which prompted an investigation on my part. I discovered multiple locations that he had taken from chests but upon asking him about it he returned all the items he had taken and didn't try to lie or keep any items not belonging to himself. his inventory has been checked and all chests interactions rolled back. 

If you read this please know that I let you off easier for your honesty and I don't want to regret that later. so please follow the rules!

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