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Ban Appeal

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Ban Appeal Empty Ban Appeal

Post by Bikaver on 3/7/2019, 2:18 am


So I'm doing the following things on skyblock: Mine 10 minutes, build and farm 30 minutes, mine 10 minutes, build and farm 30 minutes.

To help me not lose all interest in mining, I build a setup that can allow me to be afk for a few minutes, while I get some cobblestones, so that's what I did, because it's a necessary part of skyblock. So this morning I decided to repair my axe and gather some cobble while I take a quick shower. I was afk like 7-8 minutes and when I returned I was banned by Indoorpool.

Reasons why I think this is all whack and I'm pissed off:

- I never afk-ed more than 10 minutes for several reasons
- I was never warned, you just banned me.
- I never saw any skyblock rules saying that I'm not allowed to afk for a while, while mining for cobblestone
- I see no difference between holding the mouseclick for 10 mins or just putting a weight on it for 10 mins, except on the first case I die of boredom
-This rule is hard to police and should not exist in skyblock, because we should be allowed to mine as much as we want. The thing that matters is how and IF you'll build something with those cobblestones

This is just whack, to be honest, because I'm apart of this server for a few months now and I'm  trying to be friendly and helpful and this shit is what I get.

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Ban Appeal Empty Re: Ban Appeal

Post by IndoorPool on 3/7/2019, 2:45 am

Hi Bikaver,

I banned you due to AFK mining, which is against our rules - you can take a look of that here. These rules apply to both SMP and Skyblock unless said otherwise.

Chapter 2 Section IV.
IV. Building Rules
h. Automatic Farms & AFK Farming

Before banning, I considered giving you a warning and even asked for a second and third opinion from the staff members that were online at the time at what I should do because I constantly hit you for 2-5 minutes without any reply. If you would've replied during this time I would've considered giving you a warning because I am very lenient. I also said your name in public chat. 

With that said I am denying your appeal and you will have to wait out your 12 hours.
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