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ban repile

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ban repile Empty ban repile

Post by penewell on 2/13/2019, 9:43 pm

continuedgrunt (im his brother writing this becuase he got mad at me)

he was banned for ban evasion by the mod raybii

i don't think my brother is guilty because the mods thought he was me because i got banned for stealing shortly before he joined which led the mods to belive he was me do to the same ip casing them to ban him thinking it was me which made him really upset at me and i am writing this because he wanted to play with his friends on this server but got banned becuase of me and u can keep me banned as long as you want but i think that it is unfair that he should be punished for my actions, so please unban him so he is not mad at me

sincierly penewell (continuedgrunts brother)

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ban repile Empty Re: ban repile

Post by Raybiii on 2/25/2019, 2:07 pm

Hi penewell,

A few things, so as you said you (penewell) were banned a few moments prior to the second account (continuedgrunt) joining. When Continuedgrunt joined the very FIRST thing they said in chat was "Hey guys guess whos back". So, because of this is gave the impression that you were ban evading on a second account. I allowed Continuedgrunt to stay to see if was truly ban evasion. After several player reports saying that it was the same person that was on the Penewell account and other actions that appeared to becoming from the same person that was on the penewell account that is when the second account was banned. So, because of this and the reason that there is no real way for us to truly know who is on what account when they are connected to the same internet your repile has been Rejected. Thanks for taking the time write an appeal.  
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