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hog02's ban appeal Empty hog02's ban appeal

Post by hog02v on 2/10/2019, 3:53 pm

Minecraft username: hog02

Mod/Admin who banned you: Emna

Reason you were banned: Constant harassment of players, offensive jokes, pushing buttons.

Reason you believe you should be unbanned:
Firstly, I'd like to apologize for my past behavior and actions. It's been nearly two years since I was banned on Oasis SMP. During that time I've grown as a person and realized my actions two years ago were deplorable and utterly wrong. I feel bad for the way I acted back then. The way I acted back then was terrible and there is no excuse for it. In the past two years I have matured greatly and I have also changed greatly. I am a completely different person then I was back then. I hope Oasis can forgive me for my past behavior I am truly sorry for it. I hope the past can be put in the past. If i was unbanned from Oasis I would happy. Oasis is always my minecraft home and i feel terrible for how i behaved there. In short, i just want to come back to Oasis cause i love it there and i will always remember the good times and friends there. 

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hog02's ban appeal Empty Re: hog02's ban appeal

Post by Emna on 2/10/2019, 11:21 pm

Hey, buddy!
Here on Oasis we strongly believe in second chances! We truly do believe that everyone changes with time and because of that, we like giving out second chances as often as we can! This being as they may not be the same person as they were in the past. In your case in particular; it has been close to 2 years since you were banned, and this is also your second time appealing this ban. You repeatedly state in both appeals that your past actions were terrible and that you had no excuses for it. 

You said and I quote, from the first appeal:
"I’ve spent a lot of time reflecting on my terrible behavior."

The second appeal:
"The way I acted back then was terrible and there is no excuse for it."

Here, you acknowledged the fact that your actions were unacceptable.
With that being said, there is just one last thing to say. Your ban has a "no appeal" on it and because of this; your appeal is denied.
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