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RE:Ban Appeal

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RE:Ban Appeal Empty RE:Ban Appeal

Post by DungeonDog on 2/9/2019, 5:38 pm

Minecraft username:DungeonDog

Mod/Admin who banned you:4Emersons

Reason you were banned:Griefing

Reason you believe you should be unbanned:I found a house that had no sign of ownership. I was living with DjSpecialK, CrashCap & ShadowClod and thought that I could use this house. It again had no signs or any reason for me to believe that someone was ever coming back. I do not grief and would never have taken this house if i knew it was wrong. Why would they not put a sign on the chest if they planned on coming back. It actually took me forever to move all my stuff to the new house and again, I wouldn't have wasted my time if I knew it would get me banned.

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RE:Ban Appeal Empty Re: RE:Ban Appeal

Post by 4emersons on 2/9/2019, 8:38 pm

I will accept this appeal. However, I need you to know that griefing isn't only griefing if it's done to an active player. If you didn't build the house or get clear permission from the person who did, it's not yours and you can't break it, add on to it, or claim it as your own. 

I have moved your items from the other player's house to some chests nearby the house. If you need a tp there, ask me in-game for the location. 

Dungeondog is now unbanned.
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