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Post by TresRez on 2/7/2019, 2:02 am




I believe the reason I was banned was for breaking a part of a statue that I believed was generated by minecraft. If this is the reason I did not know that this was created by a player due to the fact that this was unspecified and no signs or warnings about this. I was just trying to play survival with my group of friends (Skewrz, Hamburger500, Frenchfries120, MiningSquirrel, JaymesBawnd) Sorry this happened did not mean to grief at all i'm not dumb enough to do that. I will not do this again i won't touch anything in the RTP regions and will only stick to the area that me and my friends built on. Thank you have a great day.

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Post by Gorecore666 on 2/8/2019, 11:52 pm

ok I accept this, I think its my first ever appeal that I have had so you win.

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