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Member Application For Kayyae

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Member Application For Kayyae Empty Member Application For Kayyae

Post by Kayyae 1/10/2019, 2:38 am


I found out about Oasis because I am friends with FairyNinjaStar and NemesisConfirmed
and they both like to play on Oasis

I haven't been playing on Oasis for very long but my first time was a while back and that wasn't for very long because I got caught up in Fallout and Skyrim :)

I plan on being on Oasis a couple of times a week. I work a lot so I would only be able to spend some of my off time on Oasis

I haven't voted for Oasis because honestly I'm not sure what that is, but if it was explained to me I would be more than happy to vote.

I agree to not give out any kit items.

FairyNinjaStar and NemesisConfirmed would vouch for me.

I don't like to grief people. I might not have a super big presence in chat either. I just like to build things and make little tunnels and stuff. You can trust me because I promise you could watch me all day and get bored of all the basic structures I make and how long I spend just fishing and farming and eating potatoes without even cooking anything just painstakingly eating them raw filling one food bar at a time because I'm too lazy. I just like to chill and relax in a chill cool looking server. The most ruthless thing you might see me do is hit a cow with my fists cuz im too lazy to make a sword and it takes a long time and I feel super bad cuz I could have just ended it quickly but now its a thing and I have to see it out to the end.

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Member Application For Kayyae Empty Re: Member Application For Kayyae

Post by 4emersons 1/10/2019, 9:49 am

I vouch just because you eat potatoes raw. (for real though, I vouch! You seem like a chill person.) 

Also, how the voting works is we have 5 different websites you can vote for us on. In-game, if you type in the command /vote, 5 emerald blocks will pop up. Click on each of them and it will post the links to go vote on the websites. Each vote nets you $100 of in-game currency and you can vote once per day. Once you have voted at that link, the emerald block associated with that website becomes a redstone block until you can vote again. 

Long story short, type /vote, click the emerald blocks, and vote on the links pasted. It's a quick, easy way of helping the server out and you can make money daily for doing it. 

Hope that was helpful :)
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Member Application For Kayyae Empty Re: Member Application For Kayyae

Post by Revilo410 1/10/2019, 2:49 pm

Approved, welcome to oasis :)

Member Application For Kayyae Revilo10
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