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Post by BABlaze on 1/7/2019, 9:22 pm

Minecraft username: BABlaze
Proposed name of warp: /Warp Rlake

Location of warp (coordinates):6264 70 1115 XYZ

Why do you deserve a warp?: Because its a beautiful location and me and a few others have put some work into getting it started.

If your warp will be for a town, how developed is the skeleton of the town? Is it ready to be inhabited?: It is ready to be inhabited with a public farm, a public mine, a warp house, and a few plots.

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/Warp Rainylake Empty Re: /Warp Rainylake

Post by Revilo410 on 1/8/2019, 9:37 am

Hi Blaze,

I am going to accept this application but I have a couple fo things Id like to see improved as well!

In general its really good, but its a bit small. The reason I am accepting it is because I am sure you will expand it as more people join though.

The other thing is that I think the general areas between the plots could be improved. The mine is basically a pit of doom for some poor player to fall down and die!

Like you said in your app, the area is really nice and it could be a great town, Im accepting the application to help the area expand etc, but if you could work on those couple of things that would be great.

(If anyone reading this hadn't already guessed, Im trying to keep the standard for warps pretty high this map!)

Warp approved!

/Warp Rainylake Revilo10
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