Tempbanned RobcicleXD 2 Days

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Tempbanned RobcicleXD 2 Days Empty Tempbanned RobcicleXD 2 Days

Post by 4emersons on 1/5/2019, 6:41 pm

Name of banned player: RobcicleXD

Time/date banned: 5 minutes ago 

Length of ban: 2 days

Reason banned: Theft of items. When confronted, you denied doing it, then said you only stole less than you actually did. When you found it I could see exactly what you stole, you said that you left your computer on and your cousin did it. I'm not stupid, I've dealt with this situation before. When you come back, do not grief or steal or it will be a more permanent ban next time. Secure your account so your "cousin" never gets on it. You are responsible for anything done on your account.

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