Announcement about WTF is going on!

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Announcement about WTF is going on! Empty Announcement about WTF is going on!

Post by Ariley 12/20/2010, 9:44 pm

Okay! So right now, we all know that Minecraft Beta has been released. And is causing a ton of problems. Also, hey0 has said his mod (which is what lets us do colored names and ranks and plugins) will not be fixed until the 24th.

So, I'm working, along with a few friends on other servers, to come up with a patch to fix hey0's mod so we can get back to normal as soon as possible. It's gonna be a weird couple of days.

For right now, you can basically do whatever you want. I made a backup of the world right before Beta came out, so nothing you do in Beta will be saved until we patch hey0's. I'll let you know.

Hang in there, big changes to Minecraft are coming!

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