Special 24/7 UHC Event running now thru the 1.13.1 update!

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Special 24/7 UHC Event running now thru the 1.13.1 update!

Post by madscientist032 on 9/30/2018, 5:52 pm

That's right everyone - 24/7 UHC events!!

Here's the deal about the UHC event. For now, we are going to run just the Free For All (Battle Royale) due to tech issues with having two at the same time. Simply type /server uhc as you normally would to join the game. Each game will last roughly 90 minutes. The map size is smaller than usual and generates in 4 minutes flat. (Previously the map was 2x larger and would take 20 minutes to spawn, and that's an awfully long time for players to wait for the next UHC).

The heal event now regenerates FIVE HEARTS instead of one measly heart. PVP is still active and this INCLUDES TNT and Creeper explosion damage!

Each time the UHC finishes, it will automatically restart and create a BRAND NEW MAP.
Health event has been buffed to grant more than one heart (rejoice!)

This special UHC event will end when we update to 1.13.1, which is VERY VERY SOON.

Have fun!!


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