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New Staff Application - Blaine

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New Staff Application - Blaine Empty New Staff Application - Blaine

Post by Blaine 9/17/2018, 5:28 pm

Minecraft username: Blaineee (This is now Permanent)

Real name (recommended): Blaine Wampler

Age: 14

Location: United States, PST time.

How long have you been playing on THIS server?: I have now been here for more then 1 ½ years years.

How often do you plan on being on THIS server?: As often as I can be. School is restricting me from being on like all day but I will still be on a decent amount on the weekdays and a lot on the weekend. Discord is open most of the time and don't be afraid to @Blaine me if you have any trouble.

Name any JrMods, Mods, or Admins who would vouch for you: Zeth,

Why do you deserve to be part of the Oasis Staff team? What sets you apart from the other players and would make you a good part of the staff?:

Over the past few months I have actually matured a lot. I am in high school now and I have been forced to stay on task and to take care of myself more which has caused me to become way more mature. I handle situations well and have recently been helping people out a lot more than I have before. I can be silly. When you don't need to be mature and your friends are around... you don't. I act really funny and I try not to be too serious when there is no need. I am a really good listener and will always give you a thorough reply back. My teachers and friends have complimented me on that so I really think I am mature enough to join you guys on the staff team.

I know CoreProtect like it is my own child. Its a easy command that I think is one of Oasis's most important. Essentials is also a really easy plugin for me because it is all of the stuff everyone needs to know. I don't have a list of Oasis plugins but I will get to know the plugins we use very fast if I was to be accepted. As for WE and VoxelSniper, I know WorldEdit pretty well but I don't know VoxelSniper very much at all. Luckperms is one I still need to get used too as well. I learned how to code Java. (Kinda) It was hard but with more practice I will be able to make and edit plugins without the use of other people. As for the RTP plugins I was the one who found it and showed it to Ollie so I know it very well. Any plugin that you throw at me I can learn efficiently.

About me:

Hello! I'm Blaine. I love to have fun with other players no matter there rank or personality. I love to build stuff and try to help players out by just asking around. Many people call me funny but I think of myself as just weird. I love to play video games but I also spend just as much time outside doing other stuff not related to the computer. I fish a lot and love to scooter sometimes too. I hate running and never ever have liked it. I have a deep love for this server and I feel like me applying and potentially getting a staff rank on this server is like me giving back to all of the good times I have had on here. I have had enough fun on here to last me forever and if I got a staff rank I could make the server fun for everyone else who is playing on it.

One of the perks about me is my attention span. Once someone has my attention it is up to them when I need to stop paying attention because I will respect who is speaking at all times. My strengths are as follows: I am great at fixing griefs and answering (most) questions that other players have. I am also okay at building so I can help with anything that needs to be done around the server regarding that. I am not very great at building stuff that has no purpose though. Maybe I could work on that though. If anyone needs a hand with building I totally can help at any time. I am also very well at remembering who is who and what ranks players have. So I will know if you have access to things or not. What I am trying to say is... Don't lie or try to take advantage of the perks I have gotten because it won't work. My weaknesses are as followed: VoxelSniper, Luck Perms, knowing when to stop without being told to and anything that has to do with Coding without the use of the people in the computer helping me out.

That's all I have for you right now. Sorry if it was short, I am not really good at writing applications.

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New Staff Application - Blaine Empty Re: New Staff Application - Blaine

Post by kaldog06 10/15/2018, 5:25 pm


and vouch

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New Staff Application - Blaine Empty Re: New Staff Application - Blaine

Post by Emna 10/22/2018, 9:56 pm

This is quite a long staff application!
sadly, locked as requested.
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