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What's your favorite game?

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What's your favorite game? Empty What's your favorite game?

Post by Nsane99 on 9/10/2018, 12:47 am

What's your favorite game, and why is it your favorite? I was just curious to see the spectrum of stuff people generally like that goof around on Oasis. Mine's Megaman zero 3, because the art and play-style is lovely, and the plot is fantastic!
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What's your favorite game? Empty Re: What's your favorite game?

Post by Beeliever on 9/10/2018, 6:10 pm

My favorite game in general is Skyrim ~ Just because I can do a lot, versus things like Minecraft where you can't expand a lot.

My favorite game at the moment is the Sims 4, but even then I barely play anything, nor go on electronics. 

School's got me jam packed, with cheer tryouts and stuff - gotta love pre-highschool ~ not as much homework though :)
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What's your favorite game? Empty Re: What's your favorite game?

Post by SilentSubscriber on 9/10/2018, 6:50 pm

Besides Minecraft, I have a soft spot for a few games

Rocket League
    Been playing for some time and i like it, fun and rage enducing

Slime Rancher
    Farming simulator with slimes

     not as much anymore, but back when it was new, it was complete bants

    Tf2 is best game. Timeless if you ask me

Super Mario Bros
   A classic!

    The Windows XP one.
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