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Banned GalaxyWolf_125

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Banned GalaxyWolf_125 Empty Banned GalaxyWolf_125

Post by Revilo410 7/18/2018, 10:34 am

Name of banned player: ^

Time/date banned: Just now

Length of ban: Permanent unless appealed

Reason banned: I really didn't want to ban you... You seemed like a nice player having fun with everyone in the minigames. However you confessed to hacking to another player in private messages which I saw via the console. They told you it wasn't allowed yet you said "and?.."

Unfortunately that right there is "intent". You knew it was against the rules yet you were going to use flying to cheat in bedwars to beat another player. This kind of behaviour isnt allowed here.

Because you seemed all good up to this point I will accept an appeal if you wish to make one.

Banned GalaxyWolf_125 Revilo10
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