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TempBan Jlemke1999

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TempBan Jlemke1999 Empty TempBan Jlemke1999

Post by Kenyanot 7/3/2018, 11:10 am

Name of banned player:^^

Time/date banned: Now

Length of ban: 30 days

Reason banned: For lying to more than one staff. You picked up a staff sword IndoorPool dropped in pvp world, then later on, I asked for it back because you were not allowed to have it and then even you were hesitant on giving it back to me. Today I find out you went behind my back and made copies of the sword trying to hide it from staff, then go and tell another staff member that IndoorPool gave it to you. When you are unbanned, if there are any more copies of the sword and  they are not handed to me, I will do another global search and if I find more, you will be perm banned with no appeal.
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TempBan Jlemke1999 Empty Re: TempBan Jlemke1999

Post by IndoorPool 7/3/2018, 3:05 pm

I want this player to know how very disappointed I am in them. Not only for lying to me and two other staff, but for copying my sword and attempting to hide them.
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