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Post by Cyedon on 4/19/2018, 7:38 am

Hello Oasians,

Today on Twitter there is this hashtag trending called GameStruck4
The idea is to post pictures of the four games that have had the most influence on you/your life.
I spent all morning going through all these tweets and loved reading them and talking about why people chose certain games. 

Because I had so much fun, I challenge you all to do the same! 
Post four games that in someway or another have had a huge impact on your life as a gamer.
(explanations as to why are optional) 

I'll start with mine :D

#GameStruck4 WVKcic8m #GameStruck4 F4tJgoxm
#GameStruck4 XT4Jz9Sm #GameStruck4 CXp24MIm


My earliest memories are of 3 year old me playing games like Putt-Putt on the Family PC.
Super Mario Advance 2:

To this day Super Mario Advance 2 is my favorite game of all time. 
Evrything about this game, from the art, music, to the gameplay, just oozes with the love and compassion the Japanese devellopers had when making this game. 
Just like any other game in the Mario franchise, really. 
They've come a long way from those days in the '90s on the Gameboy to now with Mario Oddysey on the Switch, but I instantly grow a smile on my face whenever I pick up my old handheld system and start playing this game again.
Pokémon Sapphire:

This had become way more than just a game to me. This game was life! It turned me into the gamer I am today. When this launched, EVERYBODY in my village was playing it! And those who couldnt, were begging there parents to buy them a Gameboy and the game. It was absolutely mad! We would play non-stop, both after and during school! We had special days in elementary school were on friday's we were allowed to bring toys to school. We would all bring our handhelds to school just to play pokémon. 
Contrary to others, who aimed to fill the pokédex, I started to basically speedrun the game. I would start a game in the morning, do a full playthrough in either the same day or the next, and trade my starter and the legendary Kyogre with evrybody who had bought the Ruby version of the game. 

Good times! Wish I could go back :')
Guild Wars:

And Lastly, Guild Wars.. No words can describe what this game franchise means to me. 

I was just 9 years old when this was released.. and I remember exactly how I got into it.
I was at a friends house, just passing through the living room to play on the trampoline in the backyard, when I cought a glimpse of his dad playing this game on the PC. 
All I could see was him, walking his character around town.. yet I instantly fell in love. 
Bought the game on nothing more of that glimpse of gameplay and the "amazing" box art. 

So there I was, a 9 year old Dutch kid, thrown into a massive online world with thousands of people from all over the world all playing at the same time. 

I learned how to speak English by playing that game :')

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