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Oasis FAQ - UPDATED July 8th 2020

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Oasis FAQ - UPDATED July 8th 2020 Empty Oasis FAQ - UPDATED July 8th 2020

Post by madscientist032 on 3/13/2018, 12:32 pm

Hello everyone!
Below are our FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions).

When is Oasis updating to 1.16?

As 1.16 was released by Mojang on June 23rd, and Bukkit/Paper/Spigot on June 27th, we are estimating Oasis SMP is to be updated sometime mid-to-late July. This is by no means an official UPDATE date as plugins and Mojang's publishing schedule can and will influence the time it takes for us to update and upgrade the server to 1.16.

Will the map reset?

Yes. The reset date has not yet been established.
The previous two maps will be available for download for use in singleplayer the day we cutover from 1.15 to 1.16.x.

Can I apply for a warp?

At this current time we are not allowing players to apply for warps development work for 1.16.x has officially begun.
As stated in a previous version of this post, players were allowed to apply for warps up until 1.16 was either announced or was released by Mojang.
The "apply for warp point" section has been put on lockdown as of June 17th and we will not be accepting apps until AFTER the 1.16 update has completed.

Are shopworld/nether/end still open?

Shopworld is still open!
Nether and end are available for access.
However keep in mind that there's an estimated 2-3 weeks of time before the reset occurs..you have been warned!

Is Skyblock open yet?

Skyblock is open! You can type /server skyblock to start your Skyblock adventure!!!
However please be advised that the Skyblock server is also resetting alongside SMP during the 1.16.x update, meaning all your work/progress will be lost.

When will Skyblock update to 1.16?

We are expecting to release Skyblock 1.16 after the SMP server has been updated.
As of this writing (July 8th) our Skyblock server is a work-in-progress. :)

More FAQs, but not as frequently asked as those above.

How do I become Member?

You can achieve Member rank by following this tutorial: How to apply for Member

I'm Member now, how do I become Trusted?

Once staff recognizes you as trustworthy, you will be promoted to Trusted rank. Until then things you can do to help you along are: Play nice, be kind, be active, and have fun!

I'd like to become an Oasian. How should I go about this?

Oasian is a rank reserved for the most loyal and trusted players. Players who have spent a minimum of 4 months with us and have achieved at least Trusted rank are qualified to apply for Oasian. If you feel you meet these requirements, then you may apply here: Apply for Oasian
Also, be sure to use the correct format, found here: Oasian application

I want to help staff this server. How do I become Jr.Mod?

It's wonderful that you care enough about the server to want to be staff. However, few people are selected to become staff. Jr.Mod is the entry level staff position, and the only staff position achievable by application. Jr.Mods are responsible for keeping watch over the server. Patrolling for griefers, watching chat, and solving player disputes. You must be Trusted rank or higher to apply. If you feel that you are qualified, and want to help us out, then apply here: Apply for Jr.Mod
As always, use the correct format, found here: Jr.Mod Application

Who are the staff of this server? How can I identify from other players?

Staff will always have one of the following prefixes in-game: [Owner] [Admin] [Mod] [JrMod]. Anyone claiming to be staff without one of those prefixes is not telling the truth. On the forums, staff will appear with an orange or red, slightly bold name. For a list of our current staff, as well as players ranked above Trusted, see this list: Player Rank List

What are all the current ranks?

A comprehensive list of all ranks, and their perks, can be found here: Ranks and perks.

I want to make sure I don't break any rules. Where can I read the full set of rules?

To be sure that you follow every rule we have you'll need to read our full rule list. It can be found here: Server Rules

I believe I was unjustly banned, how do I appeal?

You may appeal your ban here: Ban Appeals
Be sure to use the correct format, found here: Appeal Format

Help! I see someone breaking the rules! What do I do?

Thank you for taking an interest in helping us protect the server. The best way for you to help, is to notify an Admin, SrMod, Mod, or JrMod in-game. If no staff is online at the time, then do your best to get a screenshot of the offender, and make a note of where it happened.

You can post that information here: Report Rule Breakers
Reach us out to the Staff on our Discord server under 'help and reports'.
OR use the /report command in game, i.e. /report Help I have been griefed!

Uh oh, I think I've been griefed!

Should you happen to be griefed be sure to report it to a staff member right away, and it will be fixed. You can do this either in-game, on our Discord server under 'help and reports' or by a PM on the forums. If you stumble upon a grief that is not on your property, DO NOT attempt to repair it. Simply notify a staff member, and they will take care of it.

I want to protect my house, how can I do this?

Unlike some servers Oasis does not let you claim areas of land so only you can build there. Instead we use a plugin called Lockette which allows you to lock checks, furnaces, doors etc. So that only you or certain people can use them. To claim a chest so only you can open it, shift click while holding a sign and it will write [Private] on line 1, and your name on line 2. If you want to make it so someone else can open the chest simply right click the sign, and type /lockette -line number on sign- -who do you want to add- for example, /lockette 3 Bob123. There are many other things you can do with lockette, simply ask in game for more information!

What plugins does the server use?

Plugins are added and changed occasionally. Our main plugins are: [color=lightgreen]WorldBorder, LuckPerms, WorldEdit, Coreprotect, Multiverse, WorldGuard, MultiWorldMoney, Essentials, and ChestShop.

I've created a thriving town/city. I'd like a warp for it.

If you believe your city is ready for a warp, then apply for one here: Apply for Warp
Make sure to use the correct format, found here: Warp Application

This server is amazing! Is there any way I can donate to help keep it running smoothly?

You sure can! We accept donation via PayPal. Donating even gets you some awesome perks! For a list of what donating can get you, check here: Donations!

If you have any more questions, do not hesitate to ask a staff in-game or via forums.

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