Oasis FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

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Oasis FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Post by madscientist032 on 3/13/2018, 12:32 pm

Hello everyone!

Below are our FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions). I have updated the list to include those post-reset.

Has the map reset yet?
Yes – we reset the map on March 3rd 2018.

Are we keeping this map for 1.13?
Yes, we are going to have a dual map for 1.13. We will be using this 1.12.2 map and run it side-by-side with the NEW 1.13 map, when that is released.

Can I apply for a warp yet?
Yes! You can click here to apply for a warp!

Are shopworld/nether/end/mansionworld open yet?
Yes. You can use /warp shop to get to shop, and /warp mansion to get to mansion world. Nether and End require use of the vanilla portals.

When is the basement of adminshop opening?
The basement to adminshop will open when prices are finalized.

Is Skyblock open yet?
No. Skyblock will re-open after maintenance on Friday March 23rd 2018.

What’s wrong with the world/why are there weird chunks? Is the map broken/corrupt?
Nothing is wrong with the world, the map is not corrupt. We have a custom biome generator plugin that, during the first week after the map reset, did not generate chunks accordingly. What you are seeing is a mixture of chunks generated from either the custom-biome plugin and chunks generated from Vanilla MC. We understand the transition from some of these chunks/biomes can create a jarring/distracting look, but by the time we had noticed there was an issue, the map was already released to the public and we could not roll it back safely without endangering player builds.

Is voting and RTP fixed?
Voting (while the links work) the rewards are intermittent and I cannot guarantee you will get your money 100% of the time. RTP is not fixed yet. However - we plan to have both RTP and voting fixed after maintenance on Friday March 23rd 2018.


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