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Temp Ban Josh2003 ** correction Perm Ban

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Temp Ban Josh2003  ** correction Perm Ban Empty Temp Ban Josh2003 ** correction Perm Ban

Post by mooselbell 2/27/2018, 3:47 pm

Name of banned player: Josh2003

Time/date banned: 2/27/2018

Length of ban: 7 days  ** changed to perm ban with possible appeal

Reason banned: josh2003 was caught griefing a large beacon and had already broken 27 diamond blocks and 1 beacon. Asked why he did it, said IDK. Asked if he understood the server rules, said yeeeeees. Asked You know griefing is bannable and did it anyway? said he didn't know he is on his bros account. Let him know to tell his bro about the 7 day temp ban, next time there is griefing it is perm ban with no appeal.

**** after trying to fix some of the griefing that was done a quick review of the records showed there was extensive griefing done throughout the map taking an unreasonable amount of time to fix.
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