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Donation of $20

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Donation of $20 Empty Donation of $20

Post by xJodo on 11/28/2017, 8:01 pm

I donated $20 yesterday, I included my IGN in the comment. If I get a player label I would like the brackets to be dark red and the letters "Puh" in black and the letters "uhu" in light gray/white i. e. [Puhuhu] if thats possible please :)
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Donation of $20 Empty Re: Donation of $20

Post by Emna on 11/29/2017, 4:47 pm

First, thanks for donating! ❤️


I don’t know if I have a say in this because it’s a donation, but only brackets can be black at most and dark red is owner only, not including only for staff brackets. Perhaps try to think of some new colors?

Also, can’t have multiple colors in prefix. Just one solid color for brackets, prefix, and name. 



...And one more thing! Please post here if you consider donating again! https://www.oasis-mc.net/f14-donations-section

Sorry if I came off rude, just trying to help! Smile

Good luck!
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