RobbStark1's Introduction

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RobbStark1's Introduction

Post by RobbStark1 on 11/18/2017, 3:06 am

llo everyone! So my name is RobbStark1 in minecraft but you can call me Elijah if you want. 
I've been playing on the sever for a few days now and I just got member rank so I figured I would make an introduction as well!

Bio: Currently, I'm an 11th grade student in high school that loves to play Football, and baseball. (when I'm not playing video games of course  Cool ) I play tons of other games like StarCraft 2, Skyrim, and tons of others. My favorite game series of all time Is the legend of Zelda. (as you get to knw me yo'll see that I'm crazy for Legend of Zelda  Laughing ). I'm currently playing Breath of the Wild and loving every second, that game is a true masterpiece. I have a dog named Loki and 4 siblings. 

And that's pretty much my life. Layed back guy who loves to play video games and sports. 

Anyways, if you ever want to play a different game with me you can msg me on discord or add me on
steam: Shadowronin

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