Gears of war 3 some new features

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Gears of war 3 some new features

Post by wedell2 on 6/10/2011, 4:46 pm

i want to know if anyone has a Xbox360 and loves any of the gears games. coming in Gears of war 3 is Horde Mode 2.0. what sets Horde Mode 2.0 compare to the regular Horde is that you can buy barriers and build the SilverBack. A SilverBack is pretty much a mobile tank and so on you can kill stuff with it. instead of ever 10 rounds you have BloodMounts and have other mixed Locust you get Boss fights! like the Brumak and 5 other Bosses to kill throughout all 50 waves of Horde 2.0. And also coming to Gears 3 is Beast Mode. I'm pretty sure everyone know whats beast mode is. Beast Mode is where you get to be the Locust and kill the Gears. It's like Horde but instead your the Locust. you unlock them through experience you get playing online even Campaign. so yeah thats my little summary in whats new in Gears Of War 3.
(this list is not completely complete and some things may not be coming to the game.)

Have fun guys the game comes out on September 20th 2011!


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