Banned Kabluto, Technosoft_, Dragonwarriorkid, Anowrath

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Banned Kabluto, Technosoft_, Dragonwarriorkid, Anowrath

Post by Emna on 9/8/2017, 3:13 pm

Name of banned player: ^

Time/date banned: Now

Length of ban: Permanent with a slim chance of your appeals being accepted, make it good explaining why you did all this especially for no reason.

Reason banned: Griefing all over the map, including important warps and then Kabluto left when confronted, Technosoft_ telling me it'd get worse, however as you're all permanently banned(hoping the 3 of you see this), it can only get better. As for Anowrath, who was here the entire time and did not bother to come clean, I hope the thought of appealing does not go to you.

To Kabluto, I was hoping you'd know better seeing as you were trusted. 
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