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xX_Mimi_Kyu_Xx member app by Blaze

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xX_Mimi_Kyu_Xx member app by Blaze Empty xX_Mimi_Kyu_Xx member app by Blaze

Post by BABlaze 9/1/2017, 1:47 am

So I have spoken to Mimi on Oasis about becoming member cause she has been online for a few weeks now. She said she would like to apply but it will not let her because she does not want to post her email. So I was wondering if there is any other way she could apply. I don't see why having an email should be a requirement for member.

Just as a side note I was thinking it might be a good idea to have a warp on the server where people can apply for member. It would probably make the process easier for newcomers and help people who do not want to give out info/make an account on the forums.

Another possibility is that a new section of the forums is opened for non forums members where they could indirectly apply for stuff through other players with copy and paste etc.

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xX_Mimi_Kyu_Xx member app by Blaze Empty Re: xX_Mimi_Kyu_Xx member app by Blaze

Post by Shnoork 9/1/2017, 8:56 am

I dont see the big deal in using your email in an online account (what are we going to do, send her spam?) but I DO like the idea of having a warp for member applications. That sounds like a pretty good idea.

Granted, it means even less people would be hitting up the forums, buuut...
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xX_Mimi_Kyu_Xx member app by Blaze Empty Re: xX_Mimi_Kyu_Xx member app by Blaze

Post by Lina 9/1/2017, 4:12 pm

A member warp would be neat *-*
Joining the forums is a good way to get more involved in the community though.

One thing you can do if you're concerned about giving out your email is to make an alternate email you can just use for your forum account. (Email is required so you can use it to reset your password/etc as needed. It's a layer of security)

Here is a way to shut off all email spam from forum activity if anyone needs it:

Log in, click "Profile" from bar below the Oasis SMP banner, click "Preferences" ->
Set everything that says "email" to "No"
xX_Mimi_Kyu_Xx member app by Blaze NsgORbg
[*]you can keep "newsletters" on "yes" if you want. Newsletters are rarely sent out, and when they are it's usually important.
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xX_Mimi_Kyu_Xx member app by Blaze Empty Re: xX_Mimi_Kyu_Xx member app by Blaze

Post by madscientist032 9/2/2017, 12:13 pm

Just so everybody's on the same page, as far as I know, nobody but the forum admins have access to player emails. It's safe and secure. Trust me - I was the SAME exact way signing up for the forums back in 2011. It's legit, no worries.

Some players like to use a "throwaway email" (create a new one through yahoo, gmail, etc for free) instead of giving out their personal email. This methodology is fine - email is required for you to reset your password (thanks Lina for that reminder!)

BTW - Lina's post above also is a great way to de-spam/de-clutter your inbox if you only plan on using your email just to make the member application.

Hope this helps!

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