plz can i have member

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plz can i have member Empty plz can i have member

Post by brooks303 7/29/2017, 2:22 pm





I was directed to the website after I googled "Minecraft SMP server"

Ive been playing the server for about 4 days now (10 hours)

most of the time as I don't play many other games atm so everyday 

yes I have voted before and I'm waiting to be able to vote today XD

yes I agree to not give away any items from my rank

I don't know many mods I know a few players who are regulars on the server but they are not a member yet 

ive been looking for a non op and friendly community smp server for a while now and as soon as I joined the server ive loved it I really enjoy survival and I love sharing my creations and time with others (that why I don't play singleplayer) one way I guess you could trust me is because of my clean record I haven't been banned or been told off by any staff at all 

thanks for reading my application I would very much appreciate if you let me be a part for the oasis community

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plz can i have member Empty Re: plz can i have member

Post by Agwyn 7/29/2017, 2:34 pm

~Approved! Welcome to the Oasis Family!~

plz can i have member Agwyn_12
plz can i have member Screen11
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