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Noble20's Ban Appeal

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Noble20's Ban Appeal Empty Noble20's Ban Appeal

Post by Noble20 on 7/27/2017, 12:36 pm

Minecraft username: Noble20

Mod/Admin who banned you: NinjaCreeper92

Reason you were banned: Griefing and taking stuff

Reason you believe you should be unbanned: I, in that time, did not understand what Griefing was, so I assumed I could take what I found right. Well once I told my brother what I have done, he told me that I'm gonna get banned for what I have just done, and I did. Now, today now understand what griefing is and would like if I was given another chance to play on the server. I'm really sorry for my actions, due to my learning, I shall not ever do that again.

Sincerely, Noble20

P.S. I just found out that could post an appeal

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Noble20's Ban Appeal Empty Re: Noble20's Ban Appeal

Post by Kenyanot on 7/28/2017, 2:33 pm

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