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Post by Beeliever on 7/27/2017, 12:16 am

His name is Q10Stein pretty good guy from what I've seen, but Sadie1850_ started having issues tonight as he was accusing her of ban evading... I tried to help by checking forums for a ban appeal but I didn't see a Ban - Thread and or Ban - Appeal kinda weird if you ask me... She couldn't get screenshots of him cursing her out, or accusing... And when she tried for me, I guess he caught along :/... And I don't know how to help anymore.. I tried to get screenshots to help more but it wasn't quick enough.. And I'm not a Staff member with permissions so I can't check chat logs to see what he actually was saying... Now, I need a staff member on so this issue can get resolved.. I feel so bad for the poor girl!
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Post by madscientist032 on 7/27/2017, 2:07 am

This is being looked into. Thanks for the report.

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