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Howdy Ya'll!

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Howdy Ya'll! Empty Howdy Ya'll!

Post by MaineYankee on 7/11/2017, 11:09 am

Hi there,

Im Mike and I'm a Minecraftaholic.  Hi Mike...

On that note, I am so addicted to this game and have been for over 3 years now when some friends said, come play MC with us..and I was...MC?  I started playing a modded server that they started and then have progressed to try different games and mod packs.  My friend Jacques got me over here saying I had to try it.  So we are in a base together and hanging out and having fun.

I am Mike btw, I am 60 as of the 20th and am retired and disabled (I have a bum arm so typing can be a bit of a challenge for me to get words right so bear with me!) I live in Atlanta, but as my name infers I am a Maine Yankee, I came from Maine and lived in New England most of my life until i moved here and met and married my husband (he loves to game too!)   I love to game, am quite the active Board Gamer and run games every Wednesday night in the little game shop I work a few hours at every week. I have been an active WoW player and Diablo III as well as MC.

I love it here, seems like a wicked nice place and am having fun exploring all the warps that were made.


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