/warp Casino?

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/warp Casino?

Post by GW__JETHR0X_ on 6/13/2017, 7:08 pm

Minecraft username:GW__JETHR0X_

Real name (recommended):Jacob A


Proposed name of warp: (/warp) casino

Location of warp (coordinates): 7380 63 -2885

Why do you deserve a warp?: I Don't deserve one but it would give people a place to gamble in their free time, I found a really random dispenser technique that I could use.. that way i cant rig the casino and i can do many possibilities, like 1/30 or even 1/45 chance! I thought of the betting amount and multipliers already, so thats not a problem... It would be handy to have this warp so my builder (J0elaleg0man) could warp down there when he gets on / wants to work on the build.

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