My New Town: TardisVille!!!! :D :D :D

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My New Town: TardisVille!!!! :D :D :D

Post by Tardis600 on 5/28/2017, 8:36 pm

I have a new town that I just made, name TardisVille. In Tardisville there are three main sections: 1. Build your own house. 2. Farm. 3. Already built houses.

If you would like a house in my town or if you would like to build in my town, you can PM me online if I am on, you can PM me on the forums, or you can mail me online also. If you do, I will almost always let you join my town! I also have an enchantment room in my town!

Every house will probably have a different color glass. If someone already lives in that house, there will be a sign on top of the door saying < name > House! If you do end up wanting a house in my town, please tell me which color house you want, based on the colors there.

In each house, you will receive 1 iron sword, 1 iron axe, 1 iron pickaxe, 1 iron shovel and 1 iron hoe. You will also get 1 stone sword, 1 stone axe, 1 stone pickaxe, 1 stone shovel and 1 stone hoe. You will also get 16 of some good food, whether its pie or cooked meat, it will easily fill you up and it will never be watermelon or bread.

In the house is 5 chests, 2 furnaces, 1 crafting table and there are 2 floors, also a porch on the roof. Of course, you can always add more furnaces or more chests if you need to!

Anyways, thanks for taking the time to read this and hopefully you have time to check the town out!

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