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Ban appeal for Fidel52/OedipusMagazine

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Ban appeal for Fidel52/OedipusMagazine Empty Ban appeal for Fidel52/OedipusMagazine

Post by fidel52 on 5/23/2017, 12:00 am

Minecraft username: (Current): Fidel52 (Past know username): OedipusMagazine

Mod/Admin who banned you: Healthmagazine/Madscientist

Reason you were banned: Excessive trolling and agitation of staff and players. Basically being an asshole.

Reason you believe you should be unbanned: Trolling has been a way of life for me but I have never crossed the "Bannable offense" line until this last ban (for trolling at least). I apologize for being a big butt. I had no real reason to try to anger Health and I promise that i will not excessively troll again unless the trolling is mutual. I know I will be unbanned in about a month but I just wanted to make this to let Health and others that I really bothered that I am sorry. I would also like to make a special apology to Mike. He warned me to stop purposely agitating players and what i did was a big act of disrespect to Mike. He had given me many warnings and I basically ignored him. I hold a lot of respect for Mad what he has done to keep oasis running and I apologize for the toxicity that I contributed. However this appeal goes, I love yall. Oasis will always be my first minecraft home.

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Ban appeal for Fidel52/OedipusMagazine Empty Re: Ban appeal for Fidel52/OedipusMagazine

Post by madscientist032 on 5/23/2017, 7:57 pm

Please wait out your ban. Thanks for understanding.
Same goes for Discord.

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