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Ban appeal for JBEmanuelZorg

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Ban appeal for JBEmanuelZorg Empty Ban appeal for JBEmanuelZorg

Post by kobedogpk on 5/22/2017, 9:37 pm

Hello Oasis,
    I was re-banned for an offense that happened a few years ago. I think the original ban was for disrespecting a staff member. I can recall the offense pretty clearly still; I remember being on the server and relentlessly asking a mod if I could troll my brother a little bit. I honestly thought the mod and I were just bantering back and forth, and I was just busting their balls a little bit, but I had no idea that I was causing so much distress to them that I was going to receive a ban for it. I remember being shocked at the ban at all, seriously if you still have the logs from the chat, it was something like "hey, can I do this to my brother's house" with "this" becoming a less and less offensive grief. Once the mod said that they were actually annoyed at this, I stopped immediately. If they ban is listed, I won't do anything like this again obviously; I have spent the past few days on the server, and I have been nothing but respectful to other plays and mods alike. I understand if they offense is unforgivable, as it's just my word against a past mod, but if you wouldn't mind letting me back, and just keeping me on thin ice; I really enjoy playing on your server.

Thank you,

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Ban appeal for JBEmanuelZorg Empty Re: Ban appeal for JBEmanuelZorg

Post by Agwyn on 5/22/2017, 10:05 pm

So I have talked to the staff involved with in this incident and gotten their side of the story. You admit to 'busting their balls' on a server that has a no tolerance for staff disrespect and were told to stop disrespecting staff by several staff multiple times, to the point the Owner of the Server had to ban you. Furthermore, you ask to 'troll' someone (your brother) on a server that has a no tolerance for griefing/raiding of other players. Finally, you claim to have known that you were banned from Oasis. Yet, rather then go though the proper appeal process that was well established by the time you were banned. (I have been a player of the server for almost three and a half years and it was well known then.) You ban evade rather then follow proper protocol. In conclusion, I have decided to uphold the ban based on the testimony of the former staff involved and your current actions of evasion with the knowledge that you were evading.

Ban appeal for JBEmanuelZorg Agwyn_12
Ban appeal for JBEmanuelZorg Screen11
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