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Memeber Application 2.0

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Memeber Application 2.0 Empty Memeber Application 2.0

Post by TSGillham 5/15/2017, 8:42 pm

Minecraft Username: TSGillham

Real Name: Thomas Gillham

Age: 14

Location: Orlando Florida

Where did you find out about Oasis SMP: I found out about this server from my friend Replay547, who had donated a long time ago. He then grew to love it a lot, and built a city. Nebula city If I remeber correctly, and now hes pretty high in the ranks I think.

How long have you been on this server: Well, I played on my brothers account during my ban with him, so if you count that, 4 weeks. DONT WORRY, I DONATED 20$!!! The devs now trust me, and I truly am sorry for what I did.

How often do you plan to be on this server: Well now I'm batman in game, so I guess at night lol. No I plan to be on as often as I can.

Have you voted for Oasis?: No, but I plan too

Do you agree not to give out items you spawn using the kits provided to you?: YES I DO!!! :) 

User who will vouch for me: Penguin and Replay547

Why do you want to become a member?: I really want to become a member to show that I really do like this server. I understand what I did was wrong, and I made up for it. Heck, I waited 2 weeks, and even donated 20$!!! I mean honestly, and not to sound stupid, But I don't know of many people who have done that. I really have fallen in love with this server ever since Replay showed it to me, And I hope I can build my own town someday. I truly am sorry for what I did, and I hope we can become even greater friends! Thanks a ton! -TSGillham or Thomas

P.S I have never seen admins take such good care of there players, and maintain the server. Thanks a lot for stopping griefers, and for stopping hackers! Cya soon!

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Tree Puncher

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Memeber Application 2.0 Empty Re: Memeber Application 2.0

Post by madscientist032 5/16/2017, 7:47 pm

Hey man , you donated so by default you not only get member but also trusted!
Going to lock this app now. :)

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