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PSA about Discord

Post by Woori on 5/8/2017, 11:09 pm

Guys I think some of you are confused about how Discord works.

So, in order to join the server you need to make an account. Making an account is quite simple. Perhaps too simple, because a lot of you seem to have accidentally made multiple accounts. If you verify your account with the email you used to sign up, please remember your login information and use it to sign in to Discord. You only need one account! If you want to use Discord, I recommend downloading the app. However, if you're just going to use the browser version, just use the login information you already have. You don't need to make another discord account if you've already signed up! To login to the browser version, just click "Login" on the top right hand corner.

Additionally, I see a lot of people leaving the server and rejoining when they want to. You don't have to leave the server every time you want to leave Discord! Please refrain from leaving the server if you're just going to return a couple days later! Your roles will be reset every time you leave, which makes things quite a hassle to fix. When you're done using Discord, just close the app (or log out if you're using browser Discord). I cannot stress this enough: please stop leaving the server and returning over and over. Your servers are saved to your account, so when you log in to Discord, (on browser or in the app), the server will still be there!

Hopefully this will help clear some things up. Please PM me if you have any questions!
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