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Post by lolitsmateoo 5/8/2017, 9:04 pm

IGN= lolitsmateoo
Q1= I found out about the server from a fellow player named FrenchFries120, he introduced me to the server a few days ago.
Q2= On Friday I started playing on this server, just by playing o this serverĀ  few days, i can tell it's great.
Q3 = I plan to be on it everyday if I can, this doesn't mean I will be on at all times though. I take vacations sometimes as well.
Q4= Yes, yesterday I have, I plan to vote another time later this evening.
Q5= Yes I promise I will not give any sorts of these items to anybody, this includes selling or trading with other people.
Q6= I have asked a friend named iiStrxberryCandy to vouch for me, they said yes.
Q7= I plan to play on this server for a very long time, I am trustful, loyal, and friendly to all users. In fact, I had already made friends with a number of users, such as FrenchFries120, Hamburger500, and Firewolf150.

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Member Application Empty Re: Member Application

Post by Ozdion 5/8/2017, 9:05 pm

I Vouch

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Member Application Empty Re: Member Application

Post by Emna 5/9/2017, 2:53 pm

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