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Dillpickles130 Member Application

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Dillpickles130 Member Application Empty Dillpickles130 Member Application

Post by Dillpickles130 5/2/2017, 3:52 pm

Hi, my name is Dillpickles130 and i want to become a member on the Oasis SMP server. I have been playing for at least a month now and I plan to play for a lot longer because this server is the best server I have ever played on.  I have voted for this server at /vote and i agree not to give out spawned items from the kits I am able to access from the member rank. I want to become a member on the Oasis SMP server because I want to be able to get higher ranks and to not be the lowest rank on the server and feel left out. I can be trusted from the server admins and other players because I am a friendly player and always wanting to help other players out with redstone, building, and other Minecraft related stuff. I hope you will read this and accept me for being a member.  Smile Smile Smile
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