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Post by Gr00veDriftTreh 4/29/2017, 12:02 am

>System Crash Detected
>Update 24.0 release 4/29/2017 available

>Running 23.364, update?


>Applying patches
>Update Completed

///Thank you for using Gr00ve model DT///
-Starting Up-

>Preforming Area scan
>Scan Complete
>Area is showing 14.98% efficiency

>Running Simulation
>Simulation Complete

>Changes queued for construction

-Organic organisms found to have unused dead cores and low chemical energy output
*Removing dead material and reducing mass via anti-gravity laddering
*Crystallizing chemical exchange paneling to enhance chemical and energy output, Bio-luminescence

-Ground is found to be unstable and a waste of material
*Crystallizing to form support matrix-es to free up material to be used in other projects
*/Organic life found/*
*Converting matter via previous function

-Aesthetic structures need updating
*Heating pits updated to plasma arcs

*Seating arrangements updated
*Flags replaced
*/Update Canceled/*

~Current building left for Aesthetic purpose

!/New function/!
-Lighter mass assessed
*/Transport function possible?/*

>Running Update Cycle
>Cycle due to compile 4/29/2017 14:00 Est US
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