/warp Azrelia Application

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/warp Azrelia Application

Post by Zeth on 4/26/2017, 10:19 pm

Minecraft Username: ZethHorizon

Real name (recommended): Aidan

Age: 16

Proposed name of warp: /warp Azrelia

Location of warp (coordinates):
1801 / 59 / -1753

Why do you deserve a warp?:
I believe I deserve a warp because I have played long enough to know the rules, I respect everyone and I wanna have fun :D I have made warps before, but this is something big that I hope is successful as a warp. I welcome anyone if they agree not to break the rules!

If your warp will be for a town, how developed is the skeleton of the town? Is it ready to be inhabited?:
To start off, I've got the spawn area with the ruleboard and town/kingdom owners. I removed the trees in the main area for people the building their houses/build on, but they can go in the birch area too (which does have trees for now) or even the mesa. Both are connected with a bridge to the mainland. I made a few shops that I need to stock up and I am going to sell things there for free. Of course, players can have their own "trade market" in the place. There's also a farm and a library which will soon have an enchantement room in the basement. Paths are made, but for the houses, I can help players make paths to them. There are no "plots" because I want people to build in a "freestyle" type of thing- Of course with some exceptions! There's also a huge tower, a temple and a wall. That's all there is for now! :D
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Re: /warp Azrelia Application

Post by NinjaCreeper92 on 4/29/2017, 11:28 am


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