The New And Improved... KRENSKY

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The New And Improved... KRENSKY

Post by Tardis600 on 4/24/2017, 9:53 am

Hello guys, my town; /warp Krensky (pronounced Kren-SKEE) has been improved! Now, it looks a lot like a neighborhood and looks a lot nicer than it used to.  Please come check it out some time when you get a chance, just do /warp krensky! If you would like a home and I am online, just PM me! If I am offline, just mail me by doing /mail Tardis600 (message). My town has a mine, farms, and soon will have no mobs to be scared of because I am lighting it up (It's gonna be lit xD.) So, soon it will be a new-player friendly zone!

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