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Post by HunterJackXX 3/22/2017, 12:38 pm

Minecraft username:HunterJackXX

Real name (recommended):Angel G. Lopez de Jesus


Location: Puerto RICO

How long have you been playing on THIS server?:2016-11-01

How often do you plan on being on THIS server?:For as long as I can

Name any JrMods, Mods, or Admins who would vouch for you: Do not assume staff vouches well I don't cause the 2 people that I mention its the only people ho at least like me im not going this for power im doing this for helping people im trying. I know i don't need to staff help people. I m just tring to be beter that me.
Why do you deserve to be part of the Oasis Staff team? What sets you apart from the other players and would make you a good part of the staff?: Mi goal is to help the community. I can help those ho help with commands, builds even stopping people ho grief.

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HunterJackXX's Apply for Staff Empty Re: HunterJackXX's Apply for Staff

Post by Gr00veDriftTreh 3/22/2017, 10:58 pm

Thank you for your enthusiasm with applying for staff. However, this application is a bit lacking of why we should bring you into the staff team. There are many people on the server who want to help others and to stop griefing, this does not make you stand out compared to other players.

What we want to know is what makes YOU unique when compared to other players who also are applying for staff and what qualities would make you a good staff member. Do you have any skills that would be beneficial as a staff member? Can you show your a team player and are able to cooperate with others even though you have different opinions? Is there something you do on the server that shows how you could be viable as a staff member?

It also helps to 'sell yourself' and show why staff should consider you as a possible staff member. Most of the staff we have today have given organized multi paragraph essays to show why they are staff material and have constantly shown dedication and behavior on the server that proves they are staff material.

A good way to start is to check out the staff applications of our current staff and see how they organize their application. It also helps to review your work to see that it is well written and free of errors. 

Hopefully this will help build up your application and show your strengths and skill you have as a member of the Oasis community.
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