/warp CaveSpider

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/warp CaveSpider

Post by 2015delta on 3/15/2017, 7:25 pm

Minecraft username: 2015delta

Real name: Cant tell ya but my YT name is Spark.

Age: Older than 13

Proposed name of warp: /warp CaveSpider

Location of warp: 5487 37 371 (facing south)

Why do you deserve a warp?: This warp will be used for anyone who needs quick xp because if you know, cave spiders are the quickest mob to spawn in Minecraft so it is easy to get xp. It was also hard to make this grinder since cave spiders can fit through 1/2 block spaces.

If this is a town blah blah blah..: Not a town it's a grinder. It's safe unless someone breaks the rules and goes past the ladders and gets poisoned or falls into the lava.
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Re: /warp CaveSpider

Post by madscientist032 on 3/16/2017, 8:46 pm

Approved! Enjoy the warp.


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